You will find on this page a quick start guide of the video platform that will allow you to upload a video, edit its information and share it.


Access the video platform


The video platform is accessible from :

Connection via ENT

Connection via the institutional website


Connect to the video platform

Once on the video platform, click the Connect button at the top right.

Connection button

If you have not previously connected to the central authentication service, you must do so, by clicking on the CAS Montpellier University Authentication button :



Create a video

A documentation is available at the following address : Self-study: creating videos and flipbooks


Put a video online

Click Add a video.

Add a video


Add a video

You arrive on the form to add a new video.

Form to add a video

Select the video on your computer and fill in at least the Title and Type settings. However, it is recommended to fill in all the fields.

The Draft option is selected by default : your video will not be listed on the video platform and will only be visible to you.

When you uncheck this option, other privacy settings appear :

  • Restricted access : only users of the university (staff, teachers / researchers, students) will be able to read the video.
  • Password : the video is protected by the password set here.

It is possible to apply several restrictions at the same time. For example, you can restrict access to only authenticated users and they will need to enter a password.

Access settings of a video

Once you have defined the settings, click Save and continue editing. The video will be sent to the server and its encoding will begin.
You will be notified by email of the availability of the video.

Attention: depending on the quality and duration of the video, encoding may take time.

Encoding confirmation email


Security Considerations, during a video upload

For a video to be accessible by people outside the university, you have 2 possibilities :

  • Either publish it without any restrictions : the video will be accessible to everyone.
    For this, when publishing the video, please select no restriction criteria (ie "Draft", "Restricted Access" or "Password").
  • Either publish it in draft mode: the video will only be accessible by you and via a link, which you can directly provide.

In these 2 cases, the link of the video to be shared is provided via the "Embed / Share" tab when viewing the video.


Manage a video

You can access the video either via the link provided in this email or through your profile menu on the video platform.

My videos menu

The Manage Video block, located at the top right, offers several options.

Manage video block

Edit video: edit the video settings (defined when adding the video).
Complete the video : add video contributors, subtitles, additional documents as well as textual information (overlays).
Add chapters : Adds chapters to the video to segment and facilitate navigation.
Delete the video : permanently deletes the video from the platform.


Share a video

The sharing tab is accessible via the icon under the video.

When you share a video, you can determine whether it should start automatically, play back repeatedly, or start at a specific time.

Share menu options

Then you can use one of the following sharing methods :

  • Code of integration : you can paste this code wherever HTML text is allowed. For example, to embed the video player in a tag or page in Moodle.
  • Share link : communicated as is (by email or on Moodle for example), this link will take the user to the platform video page.
  • QR code : like the share link, this code takes the video to platform video if it is flashed with a suitable mobile app.

Regardless of the method used, the restrictions set in the video settings will apply.